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Remote work Online, Freelance, Internet Earning

Being a Workers on our platform, you can complete from extremely simple tasks to solid expensive orders for money, working anywhere and at any time convenient for yourself. A decent rating, a portfolio with your previous works, and exhaustive information about you will guarantee fruitful cooperation with a Customer. A Quick start will help you to start earning on the Internet easily.  

Being a Customer, you can select the best specialists, paying them decent money on the Internet – software specialists, designers, artists, copywriters, lawyers, accountants, engineers, photographers – thousands of remote employees of any specialization. All you need to do is to publish an Order, a Tender or a Vacancy, and interested specialists will be here to offer their services, will help you to define the task, estimate budget and deadlines for the job. All that is left to do is to select the best contractor from those who responded and start cooperation with him.


OZAT - Make Money Online

OZAT - freelance, vacancies, tasks. This is a platform for searching for remote work (freelance), a full-time job or a single order; you can make a stable profit on the Internet by completing tasks in the comfort of your home. The list of such tasks is almost unlimited: developers, translators, tutors, consultants, copywriters, doctors, lawyers... Choose what is more suitable for you.

The user area is a personal account, deposits using payment systems. Private messages (correspondence between users of the platform). Status management, contact information, and other user data, as well as p email notification settings. 

Specializations are the main method of field-specific division of contractors on the site. We have done our best to consider the shortcomings of a coarse division of specialists by the key and additional specializations only and added an opportunity to configure parameters (filters) for every specialization.

A secure transaction makes it possible for a customer and a contractor to use the OZAT platform as a guarantor for performing transactions, thus, to feel more protected from probable violations of obligations by any of the parties, and remote work will become more secure.

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